Angela Allen

Cryotherapy can cure what ails you

Cryotherapy, spa's new spin on 'chill out,' can cure what ails you

Originally published in The Oregonian

Required: gloves, socks, shoes, face masks and a healthy blood-pressure reading. And swimsuits.

Sparkling Hill Resort, with its 152 rooms and fine cuisine, is very much a spa.

Why the outfit? We're going to be very, very cold. But in the end — we hope — our efforts will leave us feeling younger, more vibrant, with fewer aches and pains. Read More

Art, Inside and Out

Originally published in holiday issue 2010, Northwest Palate

Art is a way of life at Sooke Harbour House. Eat, sleep, drink and dream at this jewel-like inn perched on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, and you will be embraced by regional art – or at least kissed on the cheek by its presence. Art, produced by the community, is everywhere. Read More

Hotel Guests Lodge Amid History

Reclaimed and restored artifacts give each room at Auberge Saint-Antoine a window into the past

Originally published in Ultimate Northwest magazine

At Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec City, backlit boxes display one-time buried objects that tell the stories of this city nearing its 400th birthday. Read More

Celebrate Canada’s Grand Dame

Quebec City turns 400 with a nearly yearlong party

Originally published in Ultimate magazine

Quebec City celebrates its 400th anniversary next year with festivities stretching over 10 months. Read More