Angela Allen

Abstract close-up photo with colors ranging from deep red to blue


To desire the desire of the desired,
gut turned upside down,
the mind, a whirligig,
on a carnival ride, Read More

Two cranes, a couple, walking through a field at sunset


When we grow old together
we tell each other the same stories
one hundred times over, and eyes roll.
We forgive our parents, mostly. Read More

Two boys in baseball caps outside

Neighborhood Boys

The boy around the corner
skips when he walks his dog.
I say, You’re on the run, Jack,
but Jack says it’s Maggie Read More

Six open lipsticks, in various shades of pink and red, in gold cases, photographed from above against a black background.

Mothers and Dads

The mothers lay like the dead
on their beds, shoes shook free,
those late afternoons when
we rushed home from school Read More

A closeup of two feet in striped socks


That lone sock turned up
swaddled in a kitchen rag,
hiding out somewhere
under something, with nowhere Read More

A glass cup of tea next to a teal teapot

Rat’s Nest

Being lovers is one thing,
building a sanctuary, another.
A twig misplaced,
a crumbling cradle Read More

A solitary Ibis flies across a grey sky.


Such a quirky lot with their lists
and trips to the Amazon,
exotic “gotcha” finds
and chronic neck aches Read More

Abstract photo of fragmented objects and light reflecting back from water


My brilliant husband has
aphasia. His language
went haywire when
a stroke shattered Read More