Angela Allen

Two boys in baseball caps outside

Neighborhood Boys

The boy around the corner
skips when he walks his dog.
I say, You’re on the run, Jack,
but Jack says it’s Maggie Read More

Six open lipsticks, in various shades of pink and red, in gold cases, photographed from above against a black background.

Mothers and Dads

The mothers lay like the dead
on their beds, shoes shook free,
those late afternoons when
we rushed home from school Read More

A closeup of two feet in striped socks


That lone sock turned up
swaddled in a kitchen rag,
hiding out somewhere
under something, with nowhere Read More

A glass cup of tea next to a teal teapot

Rat’s Nest

Being lovers is one thing,
building a sanctuary, another.
A twig misplaced,
a crumbling cradle Read More

Abstract photo of fragmented objects and light reflecting back from water


My brilliant husband has
aphasia. His language
went haywire when
a stroke shattered Read More

A toddler in a leopard print faux fur jacket stoops to intently poke at rocks and sand on a rocky beach

Sea Level

A child
exploring, head down,
pushing a stick through
sandy debris, poking Read More