Angela Allen

A toddler in a leopard print faux fur jacket stoops to intently poke at rocks and sand on a rocky beach

Sea Level

A child
exploring, head down,
pushing a stick through
sandy debris, poking Read More

A man and woman embrace while sitting on a bench in a gallery, looking onto a large woven piece of art in the style of Jean Miro

Loving Miro

Our parents took us to museums
like they ushered us to church.
No questions asked,
voices lowered to a whisper, Read More

Two people swimming in a pool, a tattooed man looking surprised in the foreground and a nude woman swimming behind him


Tip your head
for a half lung of rarified air
while scrawny boys swim you
down and flatten your chest Read More

A big sky full of fluffy clouds surrounds a pair of feet in silver sandals at the bottom center of the image.

Silver Shoes

A trail of breadcrumbs, the Pole Star
make reliable guides
in most light,
yet today they’re hidden Read More